Bridging the gap in education by investing in innovation


What is Goel Fund? 

Our Mission

We believe business should do good.  We believe everyone should have access to clean water and an opportunity to learn.  It's why we started Goel Fund.

Goel Fund focuses on making seed-stage equity investments in companies that have extraordinary rapid-growth potential with an innovative, defensible, and scalable product. Goel Fund is committed to dedicating one-third of its realized gains to philanthropic endeavors.

Why "Goel"? 

"Goel" is a hebrew word for "redeemer" or "next of kin."  A goel was a person who was a helper to the helpless, or financial redeemer to a family member who was in need.  Goel Fund is not only committed to structuring mutually favorable investments in the brightest ideas and foremost innovators of outstanding intellectual property, as is the case with most angel funds.  What sets us apart is our passion to use our business as a mission to meet basic needs of the helpless and hopeless-be it through clean water projects or bridging gaps in education.  


Markham Gjovig

Mark Gjovig has been an entrepreneur in the oil and gas sector for over 35 years.  He made his first exit in 2004, which led to him being appointed Vice President of Wireline Operations for Wedge Energy, and subsequently Pioneer Energy Services.  He expanded their operation from 8 districts and 45 units to 23 districts and 100 units from 2008-2011 through acquisitions and organic start-ups.  In 2011 he cofounded Go Wireline with his son and a team of partners.  Mark is passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and interests.  His decades of experience managing businesses and people through exciting and challenging climates have prepared him to advise the next generation of leaders of industry.

Megan Gjovig

Megan earned her Business Administration Degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  Megan has worked in a variety of business settings over the past decade, and has a life motto that all experience is good experience.  Starting her post-college career answering phones on music row in Nashville and wearing a hard hat and steel toe boots in the oil-fields of North Dakota, it was clear from the beginning that Megan is not afraid of jumping into diverse business environments and getting her hands dirty—though she prefers wearing her heels now.  Megan learned early in her career the merit of knowing how to sell and make a deal.  She sold handbags to housewives, cars to dentists, advertising and digital printing services to large companies, and gained invaluable clienteling experience in residential real estate.   Megan is thrilled and grateful to be a female angel investor under 35, working with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the start-up world (but she’s biased).   She thrives by offering her founders support, advisement, and connections to her broad network.  In her spare time, Megan enjoys staying active with Pilates and running, cooking and entertaining, playing music, and sipping craft coffee. 

Megan will be releasing her first book, Faith Made Well in Spring of 2017.  For more information, please visit